The Simha Or Leo Sign In Tamil Astrology

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There is a sign in Tamil or Vedic Astrology that is quite similar to the sign of Leo in the Western Zodiac. This is the sign of Simha. It is a fixed sign just like Leo is but it governs a different time on the calendar.

Leos are born under the sign when it is in the Sun from July 23 to August 22. Those who are born under Simha are born between August 17 to September 16. It is a masculine sign just like Leo.

There are some distinctions between the two signs. Leos are governed by the fifth house in astrology. This covers the back, the spine, and the heart. Leos are great performers and this is because they love being in the spotlight, telling stories, being dramatic and getting attention.

Leos have big dreams for life but because they are creative they do not like the business side of their dreams. They do not succumb to depression often but when they do, they find that they fall into it hard. Eventually, they do get over it and this is due to their resilience. Simhas are a lot like this but they can be a little more stubborn than Leos.

The Simhas have to remain fiercely loyal to their opinions. This means that they do not always seem to have a very open mind. They can accept new ideas but they need time to think them through until they can figure out how to accept them as being right for themselves.

In Tamil astrology, they have three different lunar mansions or Nakshatra. They need to work on developing themselves throughout life and they are said to be born with a seed that must mature as they live and that the seed matures into true self-expression. They tend to use this self-expression in all that they do, they share it with those they love and the world at large.

The Rashi of Simha includes being strong, tall and possessing broad chests. In Tamil astrology, they have broad foreheads, strong bones, beautiful eyes and often have reddish complexions. Simhas have big noses in many cases, too.

Just as Leos love to be performers or famous entertainers, Simhas can be the same but they also tend to adopt careers where they can possess a level of leadership. They like being in the military and serving as policemen. They make excellent administrative managers.

Simhas may be recognized by others but they do not feel like they get the results they are often after for the work that they do. They are proud and sometimes pious individuals. They are also adventurous and love to drive fast and travel far.

Interestingly, Simhas do not get started on finding or living out their destiny until they are past the age of thirty. Those who follow Tamil astrology plan for their children to be born under certain signs to get mental and physical traits from those signs in their children. Children born under Simha are great leaders acording to this Tamil site.

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